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NL Foods – food, drinks, snacks, and sport nutrition

We’ve gathered plenty of sweet and salty healthy snacks, as well as food to assist with sporting performance, like protein bars, pancakes, chips, protein spreads, peanut butter and wraps. These products allow you to keep count of your nutritional and protein intake. Food with a calorie table can help you stick to your calculated caloric balance, which can help when you want to focus on building muscle or losing or gaining weight. We also offer sport nutrition products, such as supplements that will help you reach your fitness goals. We carry PRE-workout, BCAA, and EAAS products, just to name a few.

An easier way to become more health-conscious is by choosing healthier food options that will keep you full and energized throughout the day. Next Level Foods offers a wide variety of drinks & beverages, protein snacks, healthy food, sport nutrition products, and accessories. Our low-fat, low-carb and zero-calorie products can help you eat a balanced diet full of proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Learn more about NL Foods and discover our full range of products.

No matter whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth, we have something that will suit your taste. Browse our range of bars, pancakes, chips, and other protein snacks! Choose your favourite flavours: choco-caramel, coconut-choco, cookies & cream, blueberry, chocolate, vanilla pancakes or maybe sweet chilli & lime, cream & onion or paprika chips. These products are perfect for the gym or having them on the go when you have a busy day. You can buy single pieces or order a whole box of your favourite bites 

Are you looking for supplements, pre-workout, BCAA and EAAS or other products? We carry a complex range of sport nutrition products which can be used by both professional athletes and health or fitness enthusiasts. Due to a large and varied assortment, everyone can pick the product suited to their individual needs and training goals. NL Foods offers a selection of tablets and powders that are available in a variety of flavours. We also sell products that come packaged in large packets of convenient small separate sackets. 

Breaking eating habits can be a challenge, but replacing your favourite snacks and foods with high-protein and low-calorie alternatives is a good place to start. We stock a large range of healthy food, perfect for preparing meals. Our chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel spreads, peanut butters or tortilla wraps can help you eat a balanced diet without breaking a sweat. Explore our wide selection of products and order your favourite, yet healthier and more nourishing ingredients to make tasty and nutritious meals at home. Are you looking for zero-sugar and zero-calorie beverages? Check out our selection of products perfect for rehydration after intense workouts or simply having them on the go. Shop by category and choose collagen or functional energy drinks to quickly find the right product. These products are available in mouth-watering flavours like mango passion fruit, pineapple coconut, mojito, raspberry & blackberry or lemon. Try a new taste by ordering a single can or buy a whole pack fillled with your faves. 

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